How d’you like these apples?

I’m a newly fat woman who has embraced her chunk.  This has been a tricky process as I’ve gotten next to no fat-acceptance/love from friends and family.  However, I am used to being concern trolled and needing to forge my own way.  (I was concern trolled at 116lbs and I’m concern trolled now at 210; all I’ve ever been able to do is love my body despite others’ input, and live without apology.)  This blog will cover my ongoing journey as a fat chick in the world, as well as political material, random shit that I find interesting and/or inspirational, body positivity jazz, and fatshion.  There will be OOTD (outfit of the day) posts of a sort, but as I don’t have a camera right now they will mostly be via Polyvore.  What you can expect are pseudo-deep thoughts about navigating the world as a fatty, feminist rantings, lots of links to fat-positive sites, and petitions that I’ve signed and would love for you to sign.  Hang on to your knickers, kids, this is gonna be interesting.


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