I wore this out to dinner with my friend, Kit.  I have this tank in navy, because I’m too sloppy for white and I liked how the orange popped on the dark blue.  It’s original artwork of a scene in the pilot episode of Firefly, so I get to look cute and flaunt my geek cred.  (That’s not actually important to me, I just really love Firefly.)  It’s from Society 6, a site that makes shirts, purses, pillows etc. from original artwork submitted by people all over the inter webs.  The largest size is a unisex XL, which is fitted on me but not too much.  There is no stretch to the shirt, so keep that in mind when ordering.  The cardigan shown is from Loft, but mine is actually an old one from American Apparel.  It’s a unisex small, and since I’ve had it since I was skinny it’s stretched out to fit my fat arms.  I bought it in bright red and soaked it in black dye, so now it’s a dark plum and beautiful.  My jeans are similar to the ones shown and are from Lane Bryant; I don’t think they’re being sold any longer, sad face.  My stud earrings are from one of those ear piercing kiosks in the mall and were like $12.  I donot recommend these sneakers: the stitching started coming apart only a few months after I bought them.
For links to the items shown, click the picture.
For reference, I am 5’5 and 210lbs.  I wear a 40D bra.

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