Today I’m going to my friend Manny’s where we will eat horrible but tasty food, watch ridiculous tv, and drink until we’re incoherent.  Being cute isn’t as important as being comfy, but I’m thinking we’ll go out for breakfast tomorrow so I wanted to wear something that wouldn’t embarrass me in public.  I have the shirt in a 2x, which is unfortunately the largest size.  The neck is lower than it looks in the photo, which I love because having my tits hang out is legit one of my favorite things.  My sweater looks like this one but sweeter: it’s an old cardigan from American Apparel that I bought in bight red and soaked in black dye to turn a gorgeous plummy color.  My jeans look like these (trouser cut), but are from Lane Bryant in 2013.  I can’t say enough good things about this coat… The hood is ginormous and so covers my poofy curls, the back is longer than the front for some added style plus butt-protection (which comes in handy when sitting outside in PA weather), and the fabric is really pretty.  I have it in an XXL, and it goes up to XXXL.  Highly recommend.

For reference, I am 5’5 and 210 lbs.  I wear a 40D bra.

Click the photo for links to the items shown.


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