“All The Items Of Clothing Women Have Been Told Not To Wear In 2014”

Buzzfeed posted an article with a round up of clothes that women around the world have been banned from wearing this year.  Read the article here.

My thoughts:

Uganda banned women from wearing miniskirts.  Some women who wore miniskirts outside were undressed in public, because nothing makes more sense than punishing women for “being too sexual” by stripping them in public.  Go home, Uganda, you’re drunk.

A school in Michigan banned leggings, a common occurrence in US schools this year.  Per the usual, the school offered the reason of leggings being distracting for boys, but, more ridiculously, leggings are guilty of “encouraging girls to go out with ‘little to no clothing on’.”  That’s right, folks, pants qualify as little to no clothing.  I had no idea I’ve been going to the gym nearly naked.  Imagine my chagrin!

A nursing school in the US banned “low-cut shirts that reveal cleavage”.  This is one of the many examples of dress codes being discriminatory of fat and curvy women.  What shows my cleavage now wouldn’t have shown jack when I weighed 80lbs less.  What’s deemed “cute” on thin women is ruled “too revealing” on heavy women.  I call bullshit.

Even if you don’t read the links provided in the article, scroll down in the article just to see the sign a Canadian girl posted in her school after being told in front of her class that she could change her shorts or face suspension.  That takes some nerves of freaking steel; not only did she have a “Smash the patriarchy!” moment, but she told off people who have substantial power over her.  You go Glenn Coco!*

In England, female students were banned from wearing pants “too tight around the calf and bottom areas.”  Now, correct me if I’m wrong (I’m not), but wouldn’t pants that are tight at the ankle be horrible, 1990s, everyone-regrets-wearing-them pants?  Maybe they’re too distracting because they’re so ugly?

Kazakhstan banned lace underwear.  I didn’t look up how they know a woman is wearing lace undies, because I really, really don’t want to know.  And that isn’t me making a joke out of the situation; I’m legitimately repulsed by the idea of knowing how this ban is enforced.  On the up side, women protested by wearing lace panties on their heads.  I believe an effective way to protest a government’s ridiculous laws is to have a protest that mocks the laws by being somewhat ridiculous itself.  Glenn Coco, give some of your candy canes to these women.

I don’t even know what to say about the BBC’s ban on female presenters of children’s programs wearing red lipstick or looking “too sexy”.  The hell?  Really, BBC?  Really?

A Virginia senior was kicked out of prom for giving THE CHAPERONES impure thoughts.  These men admitted that watching a teenager dance gave them impure thoughts, and it was decided that she rather than theyshould have to leave.  Disgust doesn’t cover what I’m feeling.  The girl in question also pointed out that while she was told to make sure her dress didn’t ride up because it was technically too short, there were girls at the prom with shorter dresses, but she was taller than them and so no one said anything to them.  Another case of rules applying differently to females with different bodies.

France’s burqa ban was upheld.  I’m just going to sit here and fume for a moment.

I’m just going to quote the summation of this next one, because if I try to actually examine the ban, by head will implode.  “In Australia, it was announced this month that Muslim women wearing niqabs could be forced to sit in glass enclosures instead of regular public galleries in Federal parliament.”

* This is a Mean Girls quote, and if you don’t know it you can’t sit with us.**
** “You can’t sit with us” is also a Mean Girls quote.  I’m telling you in case you missed how clever I am.  Wit for days over here, let me tell you.

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