Representation Matters: Whitewashing Annie?

So, this is a thing that happened…


Now look, a lot of (I think I can safely say “most”) of Target shoppers are white.  But the damn star of Annie is black.  I’m assuming Target used a model rather than  Quvenzhané Wallis in their ads because using her would have been too expensive.  I have zero problem with that.  In fact, I’d be uncomfortable with a black model who isn’t Wallis, because of the idea of “all black people look the same.”  What I think would have been appropriate would have been a sign that shows lots of little girls, with varying skin tones, wearing the different Annie themed clothes.  I worked at Target, and for several months was the only person in charge of signing, so I completely get the need to have signs with certain dimensions to fit in with the floor layout.  But the store can damn well make it work.  Entire freaking sections have been reworked to make way for new signage.  I don’t think that the Annie merchandise roll out is big enough to warrant that, but looking at the Annie signage I can say with complete confidence that a different sign could have been used.  You know, a sign that doesn’t feature a white model as representation of a black character.

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