So I posted this picture on Tumblr…


And a woman reposted it with the caption, “Well I AM my before picture.  Not everything is about you…”  Her blog is called something like mydietblog, and I suspect she trolls the “fatspo” tag looking for diet inspiration.  I wanted to reblog with the caption, “I could say the same: Not everything is about YOU.  Don’t try to co-opt the fat acceptance movement as your thinspo.”  After thinking about it for a few minutes I decided not to.  I suspect such a person is deeply negative, and while I don’t want to get into some dramatic and pointless Tumblr-caption-battle with her, I mostly just feel sorry for her.  For a while I would look at pictures of fat people as inspiration to lose weight, but ironically that’s how I stumbled across the fat acceptance movement and began to love myself for who and what I am.  I’m sorry that this woman didn’t have the same experience.

One thought on “So I posted this picture on Tumblr…

  1. I love that image!
    That is so great, and I am not a before picture either!
    I hope to see changes* on my body as I work out and I celebrate when I do, but I’m still not a before picture. Also annoying when I share photos celebrating changes and get comments about losing more weight- I’m not trying to lose weight.
    *changes mainly meaning more muscle, but not weight loss.

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