I refuse to be the “good fatty”

When I first started gaining weight, I definitely presented myself as a “good fatty.”  I was fat because of my medication, I really didn’t start eating more, I got a lot of exercise, etc etc.  The desire to be accepted  is a huge part of being human, and as fat people we often feel the need to justify our fatness in some socially acceptable way.  I’m tired of that, I won’t do it any more.  I’m fat and the reasons why are nobody’s business, my health is between me and my doctor, and if you want to try to police me just kiss my fat ass.

Here is an article about #notyourgoodfatty and what being a “good fatty” means for all fat people.  A great read. Check it out!

“‘I’m trying to lose weight.’  ‘I go to the gym.’ ‘My blood work is good.’ ‘I’m fat but I’m still healthy.’
There’s a couple of problems with being a ‘good fatty’. One is that health is not an option for everyone. In fact, every single person is going to end up unhealthy at some point in their lives.  Hopefully, the ill health will pass, but for some it doesn’t.  If we allow “health” to serve as a shield to protect us from fat stigma, what happens when we do get sick?  What about disabled fats or fats with chronic illness? Should we just hang those people out to dry- concede that they deserve to be harassed and punished?  Should we be assigning blame for sickness onto the sick?  (Mocking and policing around diabetes– I am looking right at you.)”

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