Standards for fat beauty


I’m fed the fuck up with the looks I get, from family as well as strangers, when I don’t go out dressed nicely.  Sweatpants are damn comfortable, okay world?  Fat people have to dress to the nines to get a minimum of respect, and that’s bull shit.  When I was skinny I could do a baggy button down shirt and torn jeans, and people would tell me how cute I looked; I do that now and get side eye.  Even within the fat acceptance community, I’d love more representation of fatties dressed however.  Not only do most pictures of us show us dressed nicely and doing cute poses, but there’s also a huge femme ideal.  What about butch fatties?  What about sloppy butch fatties?  It’s bad enough that society at large judges us for not always being on point, let’s at least celebrate our own bodies no matter how they’re clad.

Illustration by rude42


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