Fat Folks Get Love: Ali & Josh

I found Ali through her awesome blog, where she talks about life while fat, with a smattering of fatshion (including fabulous OOTD posts!), talk about racism, and recipes.  You can also view her art work, which includes street photography and collage paintings.  My favorite is her series “The Hamlet Project.”

Ali graciously allowed me to share her engagement photos here.  I didn’t post them all, but you can extrapolate from this sampling that they are all gorgeous, and beautifully highlight the awesome couple that is Ali and Josh.

Ali and Josh live in Philadelphia. I love that they chose to have their photographs done in an environment that showcases some of Philly’s amazing street art.
Ali and Josh met on OkCupid.com three and a half years ago. They will be getting married in October.
I love how these photos showcase their intimacy, as well as how excited they are to be getting married.
I think this is my favorite of their photos. The adoration practically seeps from my computer screen, but it feels sweet and beautiful rather than saccharine.
Ali describes Josh as
“The handsomest & best man in the world,”
and says their relationship is “The best thing ever.”

Photography by the amazingly talented


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