Okay, if you’ve seen my OOTDs you know I’m head-over-heels for this coat.  It’s sold out on Modcloth but still available on Alloy.com, although no longer in plus sizes, boo.  A note about the tshirt- don’t buy it at Modcloth, get it from Out of Print.  It’s cheaper and for ever purchase books are donated to a “community in need.”  Sweetness!  Mine is an XXL and is slim fitting but not like a sausage casing.  You can find earrings like these on Etsy or Ebay; I found mine by doing a search for “druzy”.  I love the raw quality that still has a bit of sparkle.  You can get a cuter version of the shoes from American Eagle, and I believe they have free shipping.  Free shipping sucks me in every time, what about you?  Cardigans like this can be found pretty much anywhere, but I like mine from Old Navy because it’s a decent quality for the price.  Mine is an XXL, and it is available up to a 4X.
For reference, I am 5’5 and 210lbs.  I wear a 40D bra.
For links to the items shown, click the pic.

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