International Women’s Day



“International Working Women’s Day was started by the Socialist Party of America to commemorate a wave of spontaneous strikes by first- and second-generation Jewish, Russian, and Italian immigrant teenage girls (as in like, they were 16 years old) in the textile mills of New York City. This was the ‘Uprising of 20,000’ and was one of the most infectious displays of labor militancy in the 20th century. A couple years later Clara Zeitkin, a German Marxist who would be arrested several times for helping to incite the 1919 communist revolution in Germany, brought it to the floor of the Second International and the first Women’s Day celebrations in Europe were held by communist parties and communist women.
This isn’t even like ‘oh yeah well maybe it kinda had the phrase ‘working women’ in there originally.’ It was started by socialists to commemorate daring strike actions led by newly-immigrated teenage girls and then formalized by the international communist movement. Fuck the UN’s tepid IWD celebrations.”

Illustration by Stephanie McMillan

Text by Marxist Battle Rap 


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