Quote of the day

name 12.15.37 PM

It is disrespectful to complain about having to learn to pronounce a name.  It is lazy, and it only seems to apply to learning the names of people of color.  When I meet an exchange student and they tell me their “American name,” I don’t know if they like having a new name to go with their new experience, or if they succumbed to the American tendency to reject other cultures when those cultures require us to exert any effort.  I’m glad that Ms. Aduma’s mother gave her daughter a reason to demand that people learn how to pronounce her name.  I’m glad that Uzo Aduma is a woman demonstrating that people of color don’t necessarily need to change their “ethnic” names to fit into the eurocentric world of film and tv.  Like Lupita Nyong’o and Quvenzhané Wallis, Uzo Aduma is a great example to people of color that it is the world that needs to change, not them.


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