“Writing sample”

I’m applying to a veterinary technician program and part of the application is a writing sample.  I was going to use my final paper from my degree program, but it turns out it isn’t so much a “writing sample” as it’s a “Why did you chose this school and program?”  I’m disappointed because 1) my final paper was bomb as hell and I don’t mind bragging on myself about it and 2) I feel funny explaining how I went from a BS in Political Science to wanting to be a vet tech.  I keep trying to come up with a way to describe how I got here without seeming majorly flakey.  A lot of my anxiety comes from a fear of being judged, and applying to school is a process of judgement, so I have some basic anxiety plus the anxiety that comes from fear of seeming like a fool.  Anyone else make a drastic change in their life plan?


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