Wish list (AKA If I Had Money): Bottoms


Let’s just ignore the styling of this outfit and focus on the skirt.  This laser cut skirt from Lane Bryant is something I could see myself wearing very casually in the summer.  I’d add a tank and some flip flops and probably some big hoops; maybe also some bangle bracelets.

$79 sizes 14-24


I love ’70s style, so these jeans are right up my retro alley.  These light flarewould be so cute all year long: with a flawy top in summer, a turtleneck in winter… I might get these when I have some cash flow.

$27.90 sizes 12-20


If you’ve read my OOTDs you know of my love affair with ponte.  This ponte pencil skirt from Maurice’s is fucking perfection.  I really don’t have anything to say about it besides I want it.

$39, sizes 33-46 inch waist

**Okay, the formatting is getting more and more funky with each post, as you can see.  I know this post is annoying to read because of it, but these pieces are so awesome that I’m publishing anyway. If you have the same issues with the formatting let me know so we can commiserate on how our posts are getting jacked up.


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