“It’s a Big Fat Revolution”


Nomy Lamm, “It’s A Big Fat Revolution”


4 thoughts on ““It’s a Big Fat Revolution”

    1. Sure! People experience the world differently. When a white person tells me that they don’t “see race,” I get pissed, because people of color experience the world differently than white people, and ignoring that doesn’t help anyone. The same thing goes for being fat- fat people experience prejudice that needs to be recognized, not ignored. Only when we acknowledge our differences can we start breaking down issues caused by those differences.
      Also, there’s the implication that being fat must be a bad thing. Again to compare to race, I’ve had people tell me I’m not “really like a black person,” and what they mean is that they expect black people to act in a certain way (thuggish/ghetto) and I’m not like that; they expect me to be complimented by their racism. Telling a person, “I don’t see you as fat,” is similar. There’s nothing wrong with being fat. We should see each other as we are and recognize that we all experience the world differently.

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