I wear short shorts… Only not really.

You guys.  You guys.  I haven’t worn shorts since I was about ten years old.  When it’s hot I wear dresses or just deal with the heat and wear pants.  Something about shorts just bothers me, don’t know what.  Then a few years ago I saw these shorts at Old Navy and thought they were cute.  I paid attention to other women in denim bermudas and loved how they looked, and my friend Kit bought this specific pair and I decided I wanted a pair.  This year I went ahead and bought them and I have to say… I am fucking adorable in shorts.  Something about fat legs in shorts is just too cute for me to even handle.  Lets make this the summer of fatties in shorts!


These are available at Old Navy in sizes 0-20, and in plus sizes 16-30.  Of course the plus option costs more because Old Navy fucking hates fat people or something.  I’m torn between wanting glorious bigger fatties to say “screw that” and wanting to see them rocking these shorts.  Such is the dilemma in a society that penalizes women for being fat… But this isn’t supposed to be a serious post!  It’s about how I seriously, really and truly can’t get over how amazing my fat legs look in shorts.  Shorts for the win.


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