Do better, Lane Bryant

So a while ago (a few weeks?), Lane Bryant launched a new campaign for their Cachique lingerie called #I’mNoAngel.  It was a mess.  All of the women featured had very similar bodies, the kind of “acceptable fat” bodies that we’re accustomed to seeing.  No VBO (visible belly outline), no cellulite, no stretch marks, hourglass shape.  I call bullshit.  Don’t try to sell me on your plan to “redefine sexy” when you’re showing me nothing I haven’t seen before; a tidy package of conventionally pretty women with body types that are unattainable for most fat women.  Here is in image from the campaign:

tumblr_nmjxsqgShP1qa0mc4o1_1280Not only do the images fail to give us any real representation of the fat community, it fails at body positivity by taking a swipe at Victoria’s Secret models, who are known as “angels.”  Body positivity is for everyone and becomes a nasty hot mess when it pits people against each other.

The fatosphere was abuzz with backlash, but my favorite response by far comes from fat activist Jess Baker.  You can read her letter to Lane Bryant here, as well as see images from her response campaign called #EmpowerALLBodies.  Here is one of the fantastic images:


Jess Baker rocks my fucking socks.


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