Protein World put up adverts in the London tube asking “Are you beach body ready?” to promote their product “the weight loss collection.”  Londoners are making their displeasure at the shaming ads be known, loud and clear.

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tumblr_nndl9fw2Yd1r83d7lo3_540 CDWlJwXWAAAris6.png-small

tumblr_nndl9fw2Yd1r83d7lo2_540 tumblr_nndl9fw2Yd1r83d7lo6_540

A petition for removal of the ads has over 44,000 signers so far.

In response to the backlash, Protein World took to Twitter and said that England is “a nation of sympathisers for fatties.”  Classy stuff.  The company is also a vocal supporter of Gamergate, which is a group of trolls who harass women with rape and death threats.  In an interview, Protein World’s read of global marketing admitted that he and another worker were behind the Twitter trolling of people against the ad campaign.  He called the trolling “hilarious.”  These are the kind of people you side with when you fat bash and are against body positivity.


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