Product review: E.L.F. tools, part one

Probably 85% of my cosmetics and related beauty products are from eyes lips face, better known as e.l.f..  The brand is cruelty free and hella cheap, so I am all about them.  This review won’t be as fun as my last one because I’m doing all tools and no color cosmetics.  Still, tools are needed to make our makeup work, so I thought it would be worth putting this review out there.  This review will cover brushes and I’ll put up another one covering tools that fall under the category of “other”.

Hope it’s helpful!

Brushes from left to right: small stipple brush, essential eyeshadow brush, duo eyebrow brush, blending brush, eye defining brush, essential small smudge brush, crease brush

mall stippleeyeshadoweyebrow duoblendingye definingsmudgecrease brush.png

small stipple brush: excellent for blending cream/gel blush and highlight, would buy again

essential eyeshadow brush: Does the job with no fuss, a teeny bit big for my liking but functional.  Does dry out quite a bit after multiple washings but that doesn’t seem to affect performance and doesn’t shed.  Would buy again.

duo eyebrow brush: The angled end is perfect for applying brow product (at least wax/gel) and the spoolie works better than I thought. I wasn’t convinced I needed it but would buy again

crease brush: I don’t like this as a crease brush but it’s my go-to for brow bone and inner corner highlight.  Would buy again

eye definer: I have no idea what the purpose of this brush is because it sucks for everything I’ve tried.  I figured it would be best for applying dark color to the outer v, but it’s on the fluffy side so it’s not very precise.  Wouldn’t buy again.

small smudge brush:  Very stiff, unpleasant-on-the-skin bristles, and doesn’t hold much pigment.  Would not buy again.

crease brush: My eyeshadow game improved immensely when I bought this brush.  Perfect for applying shadow to the crease but more importantly works great for blending out the transition shade.  Would buy again.

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