Product review: E.L.F. tools, part two

brush cleaner


Brush cleaner: I hate this stuff.  It smells like chemicals trying to be floral and way too much comes out.  Cleaning wise, it gets rid of pigment but not shimmer, so if you use eyeshadows with glitter you will still need to wash them in water after using this stuff.  Would not buy again.



ip exfolitor

Lip exfoliator: I can dig it.  The grains are much coarser than I expected but that’s a good thing.  Gets the job done and tastes pleasant if you happen to get some in your mouth like clumsy me.  I use it before I get in the shower and just rinse it off.  It doesn’t make a huge difference if my lips are already looking decent, but I tend to let my lips get terribly rough and flaky and then this is a big help.  Have repurchased.


makeup removerMakeup remover cloths: These are freakishly saturated.  I’m not complaining, it just takes some getting used to.  I feel like if I rang them out then they’d feel like my usual Boots makeup remover cloths.  The smell ain’t bad and it doesn’t linger which is great.  They’re hydrating enough that I don’t need to moisturize after use (I have normal to dry skin) and I don’t need to rinse my face after using them.  Would buy again.

cuticle pusher

Cuticle pushers:  These do the job but aren’t anything special.  They’re gentler than orange sticks but more effective than q-tips.  I like that you get two (for only $1!) because they’re flimsy and will definitely not last long.  Would buy again.



nail block


Nail block: I thought this would act as a buffer  .  It irks me that two are shown in the website photo but you only get one.  What is that?  None of the sides do much of anything to my nails.  Would not buy again.



nail polish removerNail polish remover pads:  These are pretty nifty.  They’re much thinner than I thought they’d be, but they have great saturation.  I used three to take two coats of dark blue polish off of both my hands.  I need more to get off glitter polish but they don’t get stuck on the glitter like cotton balls do.  Would buy again.


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