#bodposfeb Day 2

Day two’s “challenge” is to take a selfie.  So, eetsa me!  (Plus one of my cats, Penny, who is represented by the darkness behind me.)  I’m quite fond of my double chin, dimples, and freckles.

I know a lot of people, maybe especially women, maybe especially fat women, hate having their picture taken, so I feel like this is a great way to start #bodposfeb.  I don’t personally care about having my picture taken; the worse I look the funnier I think the picture is.  However, I would love to have the self-confidence, not about my appearance, but about just the fact that I exist, to take and post selfies on a regular basis.  Maybe I’ll start doing weekly selfies on Tumblr…

Photo on 2-21-16 at 6.12 PM.jpg


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