#bodposfeb Day 3

Day 3 “challenge”: say three nice things about your body

*I’m slowly getting more dextrous.  I’m in a veterinary technology program and one of my concerns going in is that I’m not great with my hands.  However!  Practice is really paying off.  I can hold a rat in a ridiculous position with one hand and comfortably aspirate my syringe with the other.  Yea progress!

*I have loads of white/silver hair and I love it.  I started getting them when I was about thirteen and was actually offended, lol.  As a teen I would pull them out.  Now, with many, many more than I used to have, I think they’re beautiful.  My hair is a dark brown that most people think is black, and I love the bright strands among my curls.  I’m crossing my fingers that I go full on silver eventually.

*My boob amuse me.  Up to age twenty two I could fit one breast in one hand and have room to spare.  Eighty pounds later one boobs over flows my hand by a lot, and they’re very heavy, and for some reason I find this hilarious.

For some extra body positivity, here are my answers from last year-

*I love my freckles.

*My eyesight has barely gotten worse since I was in fifth grade, which is pretty freaking awesome.

*I can garden for hours.  Bending, kneeling, hoeing, digging… For hours without wearing out.  I’m thankful for that.

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