#bodposfeb Day 4

Day four’s “challenge”: Write three nice things about you that aren’t physical.

*I keep my cynicism to myself.  (Mostly.)  When I’m faced with a peppy, perky optimist, I resist the urge to tell them my view of things.  Just because I think the world has gone to hell and will remain there doesn’t mean I need to bum hopeful people out.

*I like to think that I notice when I’m judgmental 95% of the time, and I remind myself that I ain’t close to perfect so I need to stay in my lane.

*I will do the right thing even if it inconveniences me or makes me uncomfortable.  I am not telling you to ignore your boundaries or always put others first!  Let me try to elaborate… Example one) Right now I’m living with a cat that I hate, who I adopted because knowing what his life was like in his previous home made me really sad.  He’s twenty and deaf and kinda wonky looking, so finding him a home would have been near impossible, and I figured I can suck up his presence for the little time he has left. Example two) I was waiting for the train and there was an announcement that the inbound train was loading on the outbound track.  I got to the right side and saw a man waiting on the wrong side.  I immediately got anxious and started one of my ridiculous inner monologues, “What if I tell him and I’m somehow wrong?  He’ll miss his train!  He could be furious!  I could make him late for work!  He could scream at me or attack me!”  But I took some deep breaths and yelled across to him.  We both got on the train, he thanked me, and everything was fine.  I was horribly anxious, to the point of being straight up fearful, but I conquered it and helped a guy out.

And my answers from last year, because I liked them.

*I’m honest, but I only tell harsh truths when my opinion is asked for, and I still remain respectful.

*I’m loyal.

*I write one hell of a research paper.


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