How awesome is this!?

One of the things I dislike about Tumblr is when people post collections of tweets that are just men complaining about or tearing down women.  I already know they do this, please don’t remind me.  (I just came out to have fun, and honestly I’m feeling so attacked right now.)  On the other end, one of the things I enjoy about Buzzfeed is when they post a collection of tweets that are just fun and silly.  Tonight Buzzfeed put up a post called “27 Things You’ll Understand If You’re Dating a Makeup Addict,” and I felt betrayed; I thought it was going to be a Tumblr-esque post of men talking about how makeup is “lying” and a waste of time, while at the same time throwing shade at women who don’t wear it.  Lo and behold, the post was freaking delightful.  I’m going to post the link (right here!) rather than the tweets because I feel like it would be lame for me to deny them the clicks, but here’s my favorite one.




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