#bodposfeb Days 15-17

Day 15 “challenge”: Share a meal with someone you love.

Bought my mom lunch.  I don’t actually know if I love my mom; I think about it a lot.  I try very hard to respect her and enjoy her company, but it’s hard (and probably unhealthy) to try and love someone who you don’t think loves you.  My mom doesn’t hate me by any means, we are just very different people so we don’t relate.  I have a lot of problems with her that I’m not comfortable talking about here, but I definitely don’t hate her by any means.  Still and all, she’s the person I shared a meal with today.  Not because of #bodposfeb, but because she did me a favor and gave me a ride I needed and I wanted to do something nice in return.  So… Yeah.  Guess I failed today’s challenge.  *shrug*  I don’t actually love very many people, and none of them were around today.  I’m not sad about it, it just is what it is.

Day 16 “challenge”: Share one word that you love to use to describe your body.

“Babely.”  It doesn’t make me feel powerful or sexy or anything like that, I just think it’s a fun and silly word and I enjoy fun and silly words.  Plus I’m antagonistic towards fat haters, and the look on their faces when I refer to myself as a babe gives me the warm fuzzies.

Day 17 “challenge”: Do something active to celebrate what your body is capable of.

Hard core floor cleaning!  I know, I know, what the hell fun is that?  But I’m grateful that I’m capable of bending and squatting and kneeling and stretching for a few hours at a time.  Plus, now my floor look really good.

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