#bodposfeb Day 20

Day 20 “challenge”: ad-busting

I had no idea what “ad-busting” meant, so I did me a lil’ internet search.  I found the Tumblr Ad-Busting, which is a collection of real ads that have feminist commentary written over them.  I liked the idea, but wasn’t really inspired.  What appealed to me most on the blog were the “unbustable” ads: ads that didn’t use photoshop or promote harmful messages.  In the spirit of ad-busting with a positive bent, I’d like to share with you the photo series “Lustworthy: A Statement for the Visible Woman.”  Created by fat activist Jes Baker and photographer Liora K, it is a fake advertorial for the fictional perfume Lustworthy.  I find the series inspirational; check out the rest by clicking the above link.


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