Is there a word for this?

So, I’m an asshole on two counts.  (I’m sure more, but these two I am well aware of.)

  1. I want to be able to caption my pictures “Fatter and cuter in person” but I’m actually smaller in person than I look in photos.  People who use that caption have to deal with being called liars if they meet someone online and haven’t “warned” the person first that they’re fat.  I don’t have that problem, yet here I am wishing I did because the phrase is so dang cute.  I know this makes me an asshole because I’m… romanticizing what fatter people go through?  I can’t wrap my head around it, but my gut tells me I’m being a dick.
  2. I want a shirt that says “That melanin though,” but I’m a light skinned biracial person, which means I have a butt load of privilege, both in and out of the black community.  I feel like being openly proud of my melanin when in fact my lack of melanin is a societal advantage is a dick move.

Anyone able to help me out?  Is there a word or expression to describe being an asshole in this sort of way?

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