Four Companies Doing It Right

SmartGlamour founder had this to say about her company, which put on a stellar fashion show in February: “When I launched SmartGlamour, I launched it to be all-inclusive, to be affordable, to be ethically made and for everybody.”


Article about the company and show here.

The Trans Models Agency represents trans persons (obviously) as well as genderqueer folk and plus-size talent.


Article about the company here.

Wear Your Voice Magazine is a freaking amazing site, and I strongly advise you to check it out regardless of where you are in your body positivity journey.  To dip your toe in, here is an article about a few body positive companies that perfectly explains what some companies get wrong in their attempts to claim the title “body positive.”


Article here.

Eloquii is a plus size brand specializing in stylish work pieces.  You can get ideas for how to style their pieces in their lookbooks, including a lookbook for sizes 26 &28.  Now, my first thought was “Why not just have a range of sizes in the main lookbook?” (Indeed, their main lookbook is nothing but the smallest of smaller fat sizes, with hourglass curves and flat tummies.  So Eloquii definitely dropped the ball there.)  But I would argue that a size specific lookbook isn’t a bad thing: fatter shoppers can see more images of how the clothes would look on their figure than if out of thirty outfits ten different sizes needed to be represented.  What I would like is if the brand actually extended the idea of size specific lookbooks, so that their were images of in-between sizes rather than the extreme ends of the sizes offered.  Still and all, this feature is helpful to fat shoppers so I count it a win.



Lookbook here.






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