Cruelty-Free Journey

I’ve been cruelty free for years now.  Body stuff, cosmetics, household jazz, all cruelty free.  This included not buying from companies that are cruelty free themselves but have parent companies that are not.  I read some opinions about buying products from such companies, and I was pretty ambivalent about it.  The arguments boiled down to “Buying from a company that is cruelty free shows its parents company that cruelty free products are something people want.”  My initial thought on that was that this would only work in some cases.  For instance, NYX is cruelty free but doesn’t tout itself as cruelty free in the way that The Body Shop and Burt’s Bees do, so I don’t think the parents companies would think that Nyx products sell well just for that reason.

A few months went by and I still felt that way, but I didn’t feel particularly strong one way or the other.  I decided to buy some products that are cruelty free but that help fund non-cruelty free parent companies and see how I felt about it.  I figured maybe if I was actually giving money to these companies, rather than just hypothesizing, I’d get a gut reaction and have a final decision to guide me going forward.  (I don’t do well at all with hypotheticals.  I’m like a Supreme Court nominee.)

Didn’t work.  I was still ambivalent.

Today while on goofing off online I saw someone ask about this issue on a cruelty free blog.  The response was simply “It’s a personal choice.”  I started responding about the argument above, and I realized something while typing: that argument is bull shit.  There are so many companies that are popular partly because they are cruelty free that all companies know this is something a lot of people look for.  No company needs to have this shown in their profits, the information is already out there.  Companies test on animals because they want to and they know it won’t hurt their bottom line.

So… No more NYX for me.  Which is lame, because I just bought some of their products over the last few months and I really like them and wanted to get more.  I’ll continue to use what I have, but I’m going back to my more stringent rules of what constitutes cruelty free.  Just my two cents.

4 thoughts on “Cruelty-Free Journey

    1. Okay, immediately after posting my reply to your question I realized I only talked about makeup and that might not be what you’re looking for. So, my favorite hair and skin care is by Sheamoisture, and my daily face scrub is by Nip+Fab and my face masks are by Freeman.


  1. First let me say that I don’t wear foundation and almost never wear concealer, so my recommendations will never be about those items. I like a few things from e.l.f. a lot, and almost all of my eyeshadow brushes are made by them, but there are definitely a lot of duds in the brand as well. Milani makes my favorite eyeshadow singles and mascara. Wet n Wild has (IMO) the best eyeshadow formula at the drugstore. the Ulta store brand has a huge range that I like picking through. Their eyeshadows aren’t super pigmented but are great for crease shades. They make my go-to black and brown eyeliners, but their purple eyeliner does’t work at all on my water line. I hope this helps!


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