Fat Hate in the Work Place: Whole Foods

The employee discount at Whole Foods is 20% across the board… But you can get 30% off purchases if you meet certain criteria, including a not having a BMI that indicates obesity.

Now… *sigh*.  I feel like to deal with this I need to rub my temples and hum for half an hour.  But I’m gonna try.

  1. BMI is a bullshit indicator of health.  There is a massive amount of data that proves this, but that’s a post for another day.
  2. Employees are being punished for their employers’ perception that the employees are unhealthy… By not allowing them to buy healthy food for cheaper.  Not hypocritical and nonsensical at all, amirite?  It’s the same as people who shame fat people for being fat, and then mock them for working out in public.  You don’t want us to be fat, so you help us by putting hurdles in our path to what you see as a healthier lifestyle.

I just… I’m so fucking pissed.  This is disgusting.


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