Introducing: My Beach Body

First things first…



Now, for my fatkini, which is the first bathing suit I wore in almost ten years.  The top is a size 18 from Target’s Ava&Viv line, and the bottom is an XL from Old Navy.  While I think this set is one of the cutest, most “me” things I own, it’s terrible for swimming in the ocean: the top flips completely upside-down, and the bottoms try to slide down to my knees.  I’m keeping it because my family sometimes goes to a pool, and I figure it can’t misbehave if there are no waves.  Size wise, you’ll definitely want to try on the swim tops from Target, because they run pretty small.  I’m pretty much a 14 across the board but needed to go up two sizes.

DSC00320Since I discovered last summer that my bikini is shit in the ocean, and swimming is most of the fun of the beach, I bought this tankini this year.  It’s from Swimsuits for All; the top is size 20 and the bottoms are an 18.  While the bottoms are highwaisted and so won’t fall down in the water, I’m not in love with the top: I wish the straps were set closer together to provide more support.  Still, I tend not to care so much about my clothes being flattering (fuck that noise) so the saggy-tits of it all isn’t a deal breaker.  I will say about buying from Suimsuits for All, definitely sign up for their emails.  I wouldn’t have been able to afford this full price, but I got an email about a sale with a coupon for free shipping and another 10% off, so the top and bottoms ended up being like 40% cheaper than usual.  And then I unsubscribed from the emails and was left to enjoy my pretty new tankini.  Also, it’s best if you can measure yourself and use that number to pick your size.  As I said, I’m almost always a 14 in tops, but in this the 20 fit perfectly.  (I didn’t actually measure myself, I just know that the band of my bra is a 40, so I estimated what size would fit best based on that number.)

As a bonus: Some more bathing suits on fat bodies!





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