OOTD x 2: Pattern Repeat

I loved this pattern so much that I bought a dress and tank with it.  Here’s outfits with both!

Wore this first one on Friday when I went to the movies.  (And I realized while taking the first picture that I’ve been doing all my OOTDs without the purse I carry everyday, so here it is!)


Tank: Loft, size XL

Jeans: Old Navy, size 14

Sweater: Old Navy, size large

Shoes: Asos

Earrings: gift

Bag: Modcloth


I greatly adore this dress, but if I wore it as-is out in public in my neighborhood, the catcalls and physical harassment would send me crying back to my apartment.  It’s much less cute with the tank over it, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  (Ironically, men would get to see more of women’s bodies in public spaces if they’d keep their mouths shut and their hands to themselves, but I digress.)

I wore this Saturday to get lunch with a friend.

Dress: Loft, size XL

Jacket: Old Navy, size large

Tank: Gap, size XL

Shoes: Asos (same as Friday)


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