OOTD: Fuck Flattering

Fat folk are constantly told we need to dress to flatter our figures.  Ya’ll can miss me with that.

When I saw this dress, I was weirdly drawn to it.  I’m not particularly feminine, and while I like pink and lace I never wear it because I’m just not comfortable in them.  Still, this dress sucked me in like whoa.  When I put it on I knew it wasn’t flattering: doesn’t define my waist, adds poof to the places where I’m already bigger, and not a great color for my skin.  But owning something this pretty makes me smile, and I’m not going to not wear a dress I spent money on.

I’m also wearing dainty jewelry, and I’ve read/heard from multiple sources that the bigger your body is the bigger your accessories should be, so people looking at you aren’t confused I guess.  I don’t know.  I mean, I do understand what’s behind that, but I give no fucks.  I like this necklace and it looks pretty with my unflattering dress, so I’m gonna wear it and smile when I pass a mirror.

And I know it might be weird to have a picture of some flip flops, but the gold on the edges just thrills me so much that I have to share.

Dress: Wet Seal Plus, size 2x

Necklace: gift

Shoes: Charlotte Russe (size up!)

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