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So I’ve been awol lately because there are big things going on in the world that I can’t talk about without crying, and then there are frivolous things going on but my mood has been mostly apathetic lately so I don’t feel like talking about that shizz.  Still and all, I want to get back into blogging regularly, and I figured doing a tag post would be good because I don’t have to be remotely creative.  I chose “Get To Know Me” because while I talk about my experiences sometimes, these are things that I wouldn’t be likely to mention in the course of regular blogging.

If you do this tag on your blog, let me know in the comments so I can check it out!

  1. What is your middle name?  Rae.  My first name starts with S, hence my blog name.
  2. What is your favorite color?  Gray!  I can’t tell if I like rainy days because I love gray, or if I love gray because I like rainy days.
  3. Who was your first best friend?  A girl named Christine in my kindergarten class. We once got in trouble for the same thing and we held hands while the teacher scolded us.
  4. How tall are you? 5’5.5 and that half an inch is very important to me.
  5. Cats or Dogs?  Dogs, but I’ve only ever owned cats, and I have two cats right now.
  6. Funniest moment throughout School?  Christ, I was so miserable through school that I’m having trouble thinking of something.  Yeah… I got nothin.
  7. How many countries have you visited?  None.  Epcot doesn’t count, obviously, but that’s the closest I’ve come.
  8. Are you in/gone to college?  I graduated from a four year program and am now in a technical program.
  9. What was your favorite/worst subject in High School?  Favorite was U.S. History and worst was gym.  I actually failed gym one semester because I would sit on the bleachers and read.  Look, I walked all the time and had about four hours of dance class a week.  Playing kickball wasn’t something I felt compelled to do.
  10. What is your Favorite drink?  Black coffee, hot or cold.
  11. What is your favorite animal?  Dairy goats!  Both because they’re hugely useful in terms of what they can provide, and because they’re quite smart and very funny to spend time with.
  12. What is your favorite perfume?  Don’t have one.
  13. Tea or Coffee?  Coffee but I go through tea phases.  I’m in a tea phase right now: drinking Earl Gray and pretending I’m Captain Picard.
  14. What would you (or have you) name your children?  If a girl, Margot Lucia.  Margot for Margot Fontaine and my great grandmother, Margaret, and for Margaret Sanger.  (Yes, she was trash that believed in eugenics and she was racist as hell, but I will fucking slap someone who talks shit on Planned Parenthood.  She’d my deeply problematic fave.)  Lucia because when I was little my mom called me “Lucy” and the name, in French anyway, means “Shining.”  For a boy, Robert, after my dad.
  15. What Sports do you play/Have you played?  I was good at soccer in junior high but I’ve never played on a team.
  16. What is your favorite book?  Ada, Or Ardor, by Nabakov
  17. Who are some of your favorite YouTubers?  I’m gonna hold off on this because I think I want to make a post about it.  On Youtube I watch mostly makeup videos, then fatshion hauls, then comic book videos, and sometimes social activism videos.
  18. What is your favorite movie?  To keep this short, and since I can’t pick just one, I’m gonna list the first five I think of that I love: Jurassic Park, All That Jazz, Cabaret, Stark Trek: First Contact, Hocus Pocus
  19. Are you Single or Taken?  Single
  20. Whats your idea of an ideal first date?  This is gonna sound pretentious, but hear me out: going to the Philadelphia Museum of Art for a few hours.  I learn a lot about people by seeing what art they’re drawn to and hearing why, and I feel like the art I love says more about me than my hobbies or whatnot.  Plus, I was two classes short of a degree in art history, so in the event of awkward silences I can jabber about the art.  Then off to a bar for a few beers, and sex if there’s chemistry.  I love first date sex.
  21. How many Girlfriends/Boyfriends have you had? Oh lord.  I’d have to make a list of names to remember them all, and I can’t be bothered.  But only three relationships that I’d consider serious.
  22. Favorite memory from childhood?  My dad putting me in the car and driving us around Kelly Drive, which is a street that goes along a river and is lined with trees.
  23. Do you speak any different languages and how well?  I remember enough French to be able to translate when something I’m reading uses French expressions, and I can sometimes figure out what a person is saying in French, but not if they’re a native speaker.  I have an okay accent.
  24. Do you have any siblings?  One brother, thirteen years younger than me.
  25. How would you describe your fashion sense?  Lazy.
  26. What is your favorite restaurant?  A bar in Old City, Philadelphia, called Eulogy.
  27. What are some of your favorite tv shows?  Well, True Blood is fucking hilarious.
  28. PC or mac?  MAC.
  29. What phone do you have? (iOS v Android?)  iPhone
  30. Tell us one of your bad habits!  I’m a smoker.

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